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And In His Anguish, He Prayed

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And in His Anguish, He Prayed

Created by: GOD

And written by the Holy Spirit through His vessel:

Liz Davis

* * * *

The night was still and quiet, no sounds to be heard as Jesus sought a place to be alone and say a prayer. Walking through the grove of olive trees he continued forward, expression grave and eyes deeply serious. He went a little further and then fell face down, lips speaking a prayer in a sobbing tone.

“O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”

Forehead pressed to the ground in humbleness, Jesus directed every ounce of his being to God, and then an angel from heaven appeared to Him, and strength in his body rose up quick and strong. Still deeply anguished, the son of God kept fervently praying. Skin bunched around his eyes as he plead to his Father, sweat pouring from his face like great drops of blood as it fell to the ground.

Neck corded, there was audible stress in his voice, toes curling and body bowed in reverence. Consumed with sorrow to the point of death, his lips twisted grimly but the prayer went on, face soaked with blood-like sweat which dripped copiously from his pores. Hands clasped so tightly that the veins beneath skin nearly popped right out, He called out to God in an emotion-choked voice.

Surrendering completely he wanted only his Father’s will to be done, and knowing this was his purpose, knew deep in his heart that it must be fulfilled.

Throat nearly sore from calling out to God, Jesus then ended the prayer, and for a long moment He gazed up at the sky. Then slowly He rose to his feet, and with sandals touching ground, went off to the area where he’d left the disciples.