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Jesus Calms the Storm

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Created by: GOD

And written by the Holy Spirit through His vessel:

Liz Davis


Waves from the ocean slapped violently against the boat, tossing and shifting it around like a bobbing cork in a deep, vast sea. Peacefully asleep in the stern, Jesus remained in slumber on a cushion. While his spirit was well aware of the powerful storm, his soul could not have been any more calm.

As if to contradict his cool, composed manner, the wind picked up sharply, forcing the waves to break over the boat. Sea water splashed in violently, almost swamping the boat with its salty liquid. Tossed about by the large swells of water, the boat was defenseless, a mere hunk of wood against the forces of nature.

Distressed by the waves, the wooden boards of the boat creaked loudly, as if threatening to give at any moment. Nearly knocked over by the vicious swaying, the disciples panicked, reaching out for anything stable to clutch. Each struggled to keep their footing, hearts palpating quickly as they got soaked by the waves. Each of their gazes kept going to Jesus, but he continually slept, as peaceful and calm as if the boat were still.

Lacking the serenity of their master, all twelve disciples were extremely unsettled, and one in particular chose to call out, tone fearful and shaky as he called out to Jesus.

“Teacher!” One of the disciples shook Jesus’s shoulder, eyes wide with fright as he spoke again. “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

A whistling gust could be heard as he said this, blowing right past them with an ominous feel. But Jesus remained the same, calm cool and collected with posture relaxed. Rising from the cushion where he had been sleeping, he faced the wind, then spoke to the waves with a voice of authority.

“Quiet! Be still!”

The wind died down immediately as he spoke, and in a few brief seconds it was totally calm. Waves smoothed out completely, allowing the boat to level out. Miraculously everything was hushed and tranquil, and turning to his disciples, Jesus spoke again.

“Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

Eyes still wide with terror, they struggled hard to comprehend, as everything around them had changed so quickly. Completely speechless they gazed at the still, smooth water, now gently rippling as it carried the boat. No wind could be heard at all, just total stillness and this left them perplexed.

Eyes bulging at the quickness with which everything had changed, they looked back at their master, who still stood before them. With softened features that implied calm, he just looked back at them, before turning to gaze out on the waters.

“Who is this?” They excitedly chatted amongst each other. “Even the wind and the waves obey him!”