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Jesus Is Tempted In The Wilderness

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Jesus Is Tempted In The Wilderness

Created by: GOD

And written by the Holy Spirit through His vessel:

Liz Davis

* * * *

Freshly baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Cracked clay beds where water once flowed could be seen as he walked, valleys and deep ravines cutting through the Judean desert. Feeling his Father steer him along, Jesus walked confidently ahead, soles of his sandals leaving prints in the sandy trails of the bumpy terrain.

An open blue sky streaked with clouds stretched out endlessly above him, no beginning nor end to its majestic span.

The wind whistled through stone and along the canyons as he trekked along, expertly piloted by the one and only Spirit of God. Always at one with his Father, he continuously prayed, eyes gazing upon the stunning desert landscape as mile by mile gradually elapsed. Hanging at his hip was a goat bladder filled with water, which he only took small drinks from at specific times along his journey.

Streams could be found along the way for water replenishment, yet not knowing just when or where he would come upon them, Jesus relied entirely on his Father to provide at just the right time. Having been instructed by God to fast, he only drank water. When night came and he needed to sleep, Jesus was directed at times to caves where he would slumber, before once again journeying once dawn arrived.

And when he needed to rest during the day, he would sometimes relax beneath an overhanging cliff, taking small sips of water as he looked out at the immensity of the Judean desert. Once he’d sufficiently taken rest, Jesus would continue along, still being guided by the Spirit on hard-packed and uneven ground. Heat from the ground rose up through the soles of his cow- hide sandals, and as he continued making steps, dust settled lightly onto his feet.

Now a week into his journey, Jesus kept on forward, not wondering nor worrying as to where he was going, as he entirely trusted in His Father. Painful blisters had begun to form on the soles of his feet, and his lips were now dry and getting cracked from the wind which whipped through the desert. But that didn’t deter him at all, as the will of his Father was his own, and just as the Father was in him, he was also in the Father as well.

As the landscape stretched on, so did Jesus, and as a second week elapsed, the feel of the sun-baked earth beneath his sandals seemed to cook the soles of his feet. Hunger pains gnawed into his stomach, as it had now been empty for fourteen days. Hot and dry, the air around him smelled of dust, which flew around to settle on his clothes, as well as his skin, which was like burnished bronze.

Sharp pebbles could be felt in his sandals, causing considerable discomfort as he continued on his journey. And as a coppery taste came into his mouth from all the dust that was blowing around, he paused a moment, taking a drink from the goat bladder flask he kept tied to his hip. As the water touched his tongue he closed his eyes and savored the drink, enjoying the smooth, soothing feel of the fresh, clean water he had gathered from a stream. Although warmed by the desert sun, it was still very welcomed by his throat, and now ready to go on, he walked once again. Giving thanks to God, he allowed continuous prayers to come off his lips, tongue speaking a never-ending praise as he kept in communion with the One who had sent him.

As night fell upon the land, the Spirit led him toward an overhanging rock, and settling down beneath it, he rested his body. Shivering and numb from the blistering cold of the evening, he drew his knees to his chest to try and keep warm, then tucked a hand beneath his head as a pillow. Sleep came quickly but the time to awake came even quicker, and while the sky was still dark he went into prayer, speaking to his Father while gazing up at the pre-dawn sky. Wanting only his Father’s will to be done he communicated this, and he also gave thanks and glorified the Lord, before starting to walk and continue on his journey.

Days passed but Jesus kept on forward, clothes chafed from sweat and dirt as it clung uncomfortably to his skin. Thirty days had passed since he’d last eaten, and a gurgling in his belly sounded out loudly as his dust-caked feet made steps along the earth. An empty sensation in his stomach could be keenly felt, and a hollow ache had begun to form in his mid-section.

He did not know how many miles had elapsed, nor was he aware how much longer he had to go on, but acting in accordance with God came naturally to him, so moving forward he kept obeying the Lord. As days slipped into nights and nights slipped into day, still no food touched the lips of Jesus. And with only water to enter his stomach, the strength to go on was drawn directly from his Father.

Having continually lost weight, his linen tunic hung loosely on his emaciated frame. His cheekbones jutted out from all the weight he had lost, and each step that he took became a challenge, as traveling the rugged desert landscape meant bypassing ridges and valleys, as well as deep ravines that cut through rock. The slopes he hiked up became progressively steeper by the day, and now thirty-eight days into his fasting, he felt so lightheaded that it was sometimes difficult to keep his balance.

Stomach pains were a daily occurrence for him now, and sometimes he felt so weak, that continuing on was a challenge. But he never forgot to give praises to his Father, and whenever the Spirit led him to do so, Jesus knelt down and said a prayer. All of his heart and his soul and his strength was put into it, hands clasped before him as he spoke to the Lord in a voice filled with deep devotion.

Heat waves rose off of the earth, burning his knees as he continued to kneel, but Jesus never faltered a bit, face glowing with pure love as he prayed to God with a tender softness. Only once every bit of himself had been poured out to the Spirit of his Father, did he rise to his feet and continue on, moving ahead across the sand and rock landscape.

Now traversing a dry and rocky area of rolling dunes, Jesus felt his limbs begin to tremble. Well-worn from all the traveling he’d done through the barren landscape, the soles of his sandals had worn out, leaving his already blistered feet with only a paper-thin covering of cow hide to walk on.

The sun seemed to beat down harder with every hour that passed, and now swollen from heat, his tongue felt thick and meaty inside his mouth. Halting a moment, Jesus allowed himself a small drink from his animal flask. Hands trembling from weakness, he clasped the waterskin in his dry and cracked palms, and as water touched his tongue, he felt a bit of relief. But the throbbing pain in his head continued, pulsing with such strength that his vision had become diminished, and feeling slightly dizzy, he took very careful steps.

The flap of a bird’s wings could be heard as it continuously circled above him, as if noticing his weakened state. Gazing upward, Jesus noticed it was a vulture, undoubtedly watching his slow and heavy steps as he continued across the harsh, sun-baked desert terrain.

It was then that he noticed a billowing sand storm forming just ahead, and clasping the prayer shawl which covered his head he shielded his eyes. Then lowering himself to a squat he knelt down, head lowered to protect his face. Within seconds a violent blast of sand, dirt, and bits of rock was coming towards him, encircling and swirling around his form. The prayer shawl covering his face kept most of the debris off his skin, but bits of grit still got into his nostrils, dust and desert particles clinging to his dry, peeling lips.

The amber-colored cloud of dust which surrounded him was so thick he could actually feel it, encloaking his crouched form as turbulent winds drove it strongly forward. Then after awhile it began to clear, and rising to his feet he slowly unshielded his eyes, yet kept his prayer shawl over his head so it would still be protected from the harsh desert sun.

As day became night and night became day he kept on forward. And now forty days into his fasting, Jesus hungered so greatly that his stomach twisted into knots. Having never stopped praying over these forty days in the wilderness he spoke to his Father, saying everything that was in his heart, soul and mind. Praise flowed from his lips like living water, his tone smooth and so very tender as he spoke out loud.

But then a dark shape materialized just ahead of him a few feet, and slowing his steps he gazed upon it. Knowing immediately who it was he kept on watching, and as the shape took form into a human-looking being, Jesus halted his steps and narrowed his eyes. Dressed in a black tunic and shawl which hung over his head, the dark shape emitted a presence of unadulterated evil. Yet rather than fear, Jesus only felt a great empowerment come down through him from the Holy Spirit.

The tempter, Jesus thought as the form in all-black began walking toward him, and in seconds the devil was next to him. Disgusted at his presence, Jesus’s skin began to tighten, and then the tempter was speaking to him.

“If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.”

Pointing towards a cluster of stones, the devil crookedly smiled at Jesus, awaiting his answer with a blinkless stare. Looking right at the stones, Jesus felt a gnawing come into his belly, as if the mere mention of food had made his stomach react. And studying Jesus with a sneaky smile, the devil eagerly waited to hear his reply.

“It is written,” Jesus firmly began, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

The devil’s brow furrowed lightly at these words, but his stance remained firm before Jesus, as if unwilling to give up and leave the Son of God. Stance just as firm, Jesus stared him right in the eyes, and as the surroundings suddenly shifted around them, the holy city of Jerusalem was all around them. Now standing on the pinnacle of the temple, Jesus looked out at the city below them, which seemed miniscule from their vantage point.

Eyes sneakily hooded as he studied Jesus’s face, the devil made another suggestion, speaking words through lips that were twisted into a subtle smirk.

“If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Immediately and without any hesitation, Jesus faced the devil and began to speak.

“It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”

Jaw setting tight at Jesus’s words, the devil narrowed his eyes and the atmosphere shifted, taking them both to a mountain so extremely high, it was exceptional to the eyes. Now standing upon it they both looked out at the view beyond, where various kingdoms now came into sight. Materializing right before his eyes, Jesus watched as dome-shaped buildings, great palaces,and palatial houses came into view. Majestic mansions also came into sight, with huge courtyards and flourishing vineyards that stretched out for miles.

As a multitude of kingdoms continued to spring up before Jesus’s eyes, the devil swept out his arm, eyes glittering excitedly as he spoke.

“All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

“Get thee hence, Satan!” Brows lowering, Jesus spoke with full authority, tone firm and voice loud. “For it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

Now glowering at Jesus the devil quickly turned and walked away, and as he left, angels came to Jesus and began ministering. Now pervaded by a feeling of peace and utter calmness, the atmosphere surrounding Jesus had quickly shifted. The powerful glow of his Father’s spirit could be felt through the angels as they attended to Jesus, and enveloped by the holy servants, he received all that the Holy Spirit had to give through them.

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